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Skate / Glance
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Jimqode / Ascraeus
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Skate / Glance

hi folks,
Nightshift 2006 was the best turkish party ever... it is really hard to describe my feelings. perfect organization, more than fifty compo entries, quality demos, prizes and more.

i arrived at the party place at about nine in the morning. i saw vigo, nightlord, thier wives and some other bronx members making last preparations for the party. then i noticed that they have put labels on the tables for each group. tables were reserved for ascraeus, bronx, crescent, demodojo, glance, manyetiq, raven and resident. party place had two floors and at the second floor there was more than twenty pcs waiting for the guests.

i have brought three computers to the party. a commodore, an amiga 2000 and a pc. amiga 2000 was a gift for vigo who is a real amiga scener. i saw cosowi of plush and h2o of deviance first. i met them. i bought two mmc and one retro replay from cosowi which i have ordered a month ago. he is a cool guy and also a very talented musician. he took the fifth place at the music compo. i liked his style. i could not talk to h2o too much but i know that he is a very old scener and he knows all the lightside and darkside of the scene. he gave us a short seminar which was very interesting for all of us.

it took thirty minutes or something to install my computers. after the installation i started working on my products for the compo. but of course in a few minutes everybody has started to come one by one. a few hours later there was more than a hundred people at the party place which was a record for a turkish scene party. as far as i heard, one hundred and thirty people came to the party.

there were some nice details like almost two meters high international karate sprite and little toy soldiers on the information desk. everything was designed for fun, you could easily feel it.

after a great introduction video which was prepared by turbo of bronx, first activity was live graphic pixelling. hyper of bronx, who also did all the visual works of nighshift including the web site, showed pixelling techniques to the party crowd. he specially emphasized that he dislikes photoshop.

second activity was demo show and after that nightlord and i gave a seminar on cross development for commodore using was mainly focused on how to use acme, text editors and emulators together. nightlord presented his own object oriented language at this seminar for the first time.

after more demo shows, everybody started working on their projects. it was great to see that much people focused on their projects. meanwhile, two surprise compos were announced. the first one was formula one concept drawing compo, the second compo was ascii. fifty minutes before the deadline i started to draw a simple formula one car for that compo and i took the forth place out of four haha.

i also submitted one commodore invitro, one pc demo and one koala graphic. at the demo compo my two demos took forth and fifth places and at graphic compo i took the sixth place out of sixteen graphics which was satisfying for me. because it was my first released graphic. demo compo finalists were all great. resident took the first place, raven took the second and rebels took the third but for me, they all won.

thanks for making high quality demos for our parties. graphic compo winner won with a charcoal drawing but my real winner is turbo of bronx who draw an unbelievable high quality and a very realistic pixel graphic. samurai graphic which took the third place was very original as well and it was drawn in flash.

hydrogen of glance won the music compo. but first three musics were all very high quality just like the demo compo. so, there is more than one winner for me again. i cannot say the same thing for the wild compo. wild compo winner mrr of bronx won the compo with very high points. it was the funniest and one of best wild compo entry ever. i loved it. i am sorry for the other entries including gp2x and mobile demos.

voting was finished about four am or so. when everything was finished i started to code this party report thing. but i was so tired and i lost my concentration after couple of minutes. i went outside and we had a long chat with scg. it was great talking to him. i did not sleep at all. after eating some sandwiches in the sunday morning, award ceremony started. thanks to bimeks, who is the main sponsor of nightshift, finalists got great prizes.

there are more things to say but i am sure other attendees will write what i have forgotten. my special thanks goes to nightlord, vigo, black, hyper, mrr, spaztica, turbo, perper, seval and yesim. thank you for this great organization. next year i will prepare harder for this party.

...nightshift rocked the scene...

Ragnor / Manyetiq

Ahh friends i hadn't sleep since 40 hours but i want to write this. It's going to be hard but its going to be :). Anyway, let's start.

I worked on my gp2x demo till 2:40 the night before the party but there were still some problems. I finally said "Enough!", packed my files (products etc.), other stuff, etc. and went to bed. I woke up 6.30 and with 8 o'clock bus my journey to İstanbul started. Bus ride was easy and more sleepy then usual.After the bus ride it was easy to find party place with the help of the party website. They said it right, you can even find baghdad by asking (an old turkish idiom :)).

At the party place first thing in my mind was finding a computer and finishing my demo. But first i went to see my buddies. I was happy to see them and realize demos, compos, coding, etc. nothing matters without that friends :). I wanted to stay and talk a bit longer with them but my demos was waiting me to finish it. By the way, it felt so good when i saw the MANYETIQ tableholder on a table. And greetings to our table neighbour RAVEN :).Anyway, i headed to upstairs to the computers but there was a big problem. All my file in my sd card and i couldn't plug my sd card reader to computer. I hate bad designed computer cases! At that point skate is the one who helped me. I use his computer to get my files and transfer them to mine through LAN. I was running downstair to skate's computer, plug my sd card, transfer my files and then running back to my computer to upstair. And believe me, it wasn't funny at all. But i was nearly ran out of time and then i got mad and remove my sd card readers case with anger but luckily i didn't broke it :). After that it was easier. However i couldn't managed to run my demo on gp2x smoothly as it ran on windows but at least i managed to run it acceptly smooth to show so it was finished :). There was some problems i couldn't fix but i could hide.But at the and i learned my mistakes and the reasons of problems i faced at this demo and i earned some important experiences. So i am gonna make better demos! :)

After i finished the gp2x demo, i uploaded all our products. And then i got rid of that stress which was being with me from the start of the party, i knew i could relax then. After started to fooling around, i learned that there was a new compo named "Vigoz Special Azki Compo". I did a simple ascii for that compo in hurry. I just uploaded it before my time was over. I was the only Turk enters that compo and the others was very good ascii artist. So i was the last. But i would enter that compo even i knew the result :).

After 2-3 hours delay file uploading was over and few minutes later compo's started. Our only degree was in game compo. We got the 3rd place but unfortunely there was only three competitors :). We didn't know we should be happy or sad, just laughed :).

At Demo and Wild Compo's there were lots of amazing demos. For example Mrr's wild video, Turbo's post-it wall portrait of Ataturk, Tesla and Dec1pher's mobile phone demo and Anesthetic's textmode demo, they were all amazing. While watching them on the big screen, i felt bad, envied, inspired, enjoyed. Thank you guy for that storm of emotions :). Besides it was my demo groups first party and ve entered all compo's except special theme compo, compete against foreign demo groups, so i think thats a success too :). And don't forget that Turkish groups has better demos as foreign demo groups (and some of them was better :)). Everything was wonderful.

Party was very well organized from top to bottom. I didn't faced a problem about organization. Party delayed for 1 or 2 hours from the schedule but it didn't create a problem. Party contiuned without problems. Thanks to them 7DXparty organizers finally enjoyed a demo party :).

First of all i want to thank you Nightlord for the party, and all organizers for making it so enjoyable. Thank you all who helped to party, or just were there and lived that atmosphere with us, thank you all. After sleepless 43 hours, all my body aches, i am so sleepless that i will doze in a second if stop doing anything and sit. But you know that? It was worthed. And i would do it again, and i would do it again even if i had to put up double of those :).

Again, thank you all and good nite!