Another party is Over ):

In the days of 4 and 5 of the March 2006, Turkiye has met the new and the fresh blood since 7DX DEMOSCENE PARTY sequels. From now on, Turkish Demoscene Lovers will not wait and dream about a one party in a year! At least forsure, we have two rockin parties now. This means, you are about to see very kool releases and productions twice a year ( : We have only one goal left here! 7D6 DEMOSCENE PARTY!. I can totaly understand the organisers of the 7DX Crew now. It is damn true that no-fun if you are an organiser. The most tasty part is the feeling of succes after the party end.

We are greatfull to people who visited, contributed to our party. Also, without visitors, contributers and you people, there won't be any scene or any party at all.

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The beginning!

Everything has started on the day of December,25 2006 at tr-demoscene board with the post of Nightlord/Glance. He was saying that, he was planning to a party on March and the organisation would be handled by his wife and her company. Also, he was quoting then, maybe this will be the first time for the 7DX organisers to have fun! as a visitor ...

We talked on the phone, he asked me if they could rent a place for the party from the university. I was like : "Man, it seems so hard. There are tons of procedures that we had to deal with." No one knew that we were gonna rock da place as sooon as we can ( :

I had plans for party eversince i started to work at Istanbul Bilgi University. Our campus network admin's office is realy close to Study Hall. While i was visiting him for coffe, i asked him, how da hell we can use this place for demoscene party? He goes like : "Dude, it's almost no-way, coz it's soo damn hard to get permition...". I quincidently met the manager of study hall Mr.Serdar Katipoglu, at lunch. I asked him, if we could do such an organisation there...

He was positive and said : "Sure! Why not? We love to be in it..."

It seems we'll have it!

Yes, we had our permition from universty. Me and my wife Echee/Bronx went to Nightlord's flat for meeting. We talked till very late at night. We made plans, schedules etc...Nightlord's wife Irian/Aesrude and my wife who hates computer sound and never lets me listen at home is completly involded to this mission ( :

First thing goes first... We need a web site, hosting service, poster, logo and many many more graphics work. Who we gonna call? of course we want help from Hyper/Bronx. We totaly grabbed him into this project without asking him ( :He designed almost everything. From poster to T-Shirts, notebooks, id's and whatever we urgently need!

We rushed the poster datas to Spaztica in real-quick and his company, which is Grafiturk published our posters amount of 2000 for FREE. We started to spread the posters all around the country. Universities, computer shops and other computer related areas. Sending posters are the simple part of the big process. We prepared a press-announcement ( which is Turkish ) and sent it to every person we know from the media.

We blowed up the First BomB!

We did contact with German Company called GO64.DE and dealed to open a special shop at party place called : NIGHTSHOP. The owner of company was Cosowi/Plush who is already a scener. He was also the publisher of SCEEN magazine as well. We booked his flight and than Mrr/Bronx jumped up and said : "He could crash my house". This was very good news to us.

Everything was extremely going well and this was making us a little suspitios about it. You know the murphy rules. I was chatting with my old frien H2O on the net. We've been friends since 90's. I invited him to our party. He said, he had promised me to come to Istanbul and this was the time! He moved to France 6 months ago and it will be a veeery long trip to come to Istanbul/Turkiye.

We had need a kool party theme music. I asked to Max/Bronx for it. He said he had a very talented friend who could compose it for us. Sounds good to me. He was ByteChaos and he was an old AmigA user back in days. After couple of chats on MSN, we composed realy kool tune for our party!

Ok, what we need more? Yes! The Opening Video!. I called and asked to my old bro Turbo/Bronx, if he could make us a kool video. He was very busy and had to deal with his office stuffs. Due to strong bronx-power between us, he created a 1.5 minutes video for us. It was great for us to have it.

Countdown has ended... Today is the day ...

The date was March 3, and at 13:00pm we were about the decorate the study hall, prepare for big-screen, network cables, electricty, stage etc... I left the place arround 13:40pm and started to drive through airport to pick up our German guests. I was planning to come back to place arround 16:00pm and start to help people there. Nightlord's two cousins ( Madmagic and Midnight of Aesrude ), wife, Hyper, Mrr and Spaztica was in place for prep.

I totaly screwed up at airport. There was a realy considerable delay on H2O's flight about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I asked to Lufthansa about delay, it was due to snowstorm in Munich. We left airport arround 19:00pm and started to drive back to party place in a crazy Turkish Traffic ( : Our orga team was working realy kool. They almost prepared for everthing.

I coundn't stay there for a long time. I had to goto our sponsor for the prices/awards to pick. I dropped Mrr and Cosowi to Mrr's place and kept driving through the bridge. We arrived to Bimeks arround 20:30pm and loaded my trunk via damn kool stuffs like PS2, PSP, NDS, GC etc.. It was like 22:00pm and Hyper told me about the suprize. It was International Karate Sprite! It was 1.90 meters tall ( :

Me, my wife and H2O went to a traditional KEBAB PLACE called Dortler Et Lokantası for dinner. It was almost 01:00am and i was totaly tired. I was praying for tommorrow... I hope, everything will be ok and we'll have a great party!

ViGO/bRONX - March 11, 2006 Satruday 13:15