Seminars & Workshops

Please keep tracking this page for more accurate information. This is current and approved information.Will give the exact info later. If you have any good ideas or would like to do a seminar or a workshop,please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Introduction to 3DMAX & 3D World!

March 3, Saturday 13:00 - By Hydrogen/Glance

photoYou want to step inside the world of 3D graphics and Animations but no clue? Most of the books are realy confusing? You don't know where & how to start? Your first steps to 3D modelling, object creation via 3DMAX application.
About “Hydrogen/Glance”
30 years old. Artist and composer in C64 team Glance. Working at Sobee as 3D Artist and Game Designer.

Forget Windows, install Linux

March 3, Saturday 17:00 - By Vehbi Sinan Tunalıoğlu

photoAre you pissed off cause Windows troubles? You are doing only graphics stuff but there is no ADOBE on Linux? All you need is to develop web applications but still jammed in to Windows? Here's your chance to see, how can you setup Linux on your PC easy and start to work without any Windows issues!
About “Vehbi Sinan Tunalıoğlu”
25 years old. Has a degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and holds MSc. in International Finance. Currently, he is working at Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Science Department and studying at a Social Sciences PhD. program.

My First Intro

March 3, Saturday 18:00 - By Anesthetic/Resident

photoYou always wondered “how da hell i can code demo / intro ?”. You want to do some but have no clue how to do it! Here is your chance to learn or start, how to code intro on your PC! It's a beginner level coding crash-course from a talented, compo-winner coder of the Resident group. What do you need? what is a C Compiler? How can you play music in demo and more...
About “Anesthetic/Resident”
22 years old. Main coder of Resident. Winner of 64KB at 7D5 Demoscene Party, Winner of Combined Demo Compo at Nightshift 2006 , 7th at 64K at Breakpoint 2006, Winner of 256bytes at 7D6 Demo Party.

Secret Weapons of Commodore

March 3, Saturday 19:00 - By LW3D/Bronx

photoHave you ever seen a lovely AmigA CD32 ? If you've been to 7d6 Demo Party you were lucky! Any idea about CDTV ? Ever heard of Commodore Game System ? If you like to see what did you miss in the past decade about this great computer Amiga and its lovely model CD32, don't miss LW3D's great presentation. How it works, what hardware you need? built-in CD-ROM, AGA magic and more! Special CD32 games and awesome sound facilities.
About “LW3D/Bronx”
Gökhan Sönmez, 37 years old. Working at Lightwave 3D's Türkiye division. Owner of, and Great computer archive! with many rare machines.

We love Emulators!

March 3, Saturday 20:00 - By ViGO/bRONX

photoWe live in the 2000's and we miss those good old computers, even the ones we didn't have before! Anyone remembers MSX, ORIC or AMSTRAD? Yes we do! Here is your chance to see, how to run & config your emulation softwares on your PC. From Commodore 64 to M.A.M.E, all you need is here!
About “ViGO/bRONX”
34 years old. Scener since 1988. Co-Founder of Bronx. Main organizer of Nightshift party. Working at İstanbul Bilgi University as Senior Application Developer since 2001. Currently active in TRSI, Titan Demo, Deviance Demo & Zombie Boys.