Welcome to Nightshift 2007, Türkiye's biggest demoscene event. Creative minds work the nightshift where the continents meet : İstanbul. We'll all meet again for more productive and creative purposes. Bunch of people are gathering for the digital arts! Pure programming, designing and composing together. Here is your chance to join the different side of the “real computer” world.

Many activies, workshops, legendary computers like Commodore 64 & Amiga, many new generation devices like Playstation Portable (PSP), GP2X and more... Come and join the fun, meet with new people, see how they work, create and show! New technologies, video animations, video art, photography and more...

Chance to meet with Demoscene Legends, oldskool sceners, new skool sceners. Türkiye's famous demoscene groups/teams, great workshops , seminars & presentations. We've got all you need! Come and enjoy the feeling of being different! Let's live this unforgetable moments together at İstanbul Bilgi University's Student Hall.

If you were not participate the last nightshift, you can check the past party page for more delicious bits and cry for “what did you miss!”


All releases

Monday, Mart 5 / 2007 12:24

Click to get all party releases!.

Party is over!

Sunday, March 4 / 2007 20:43

All releases will be available tomorrow... Here is results.

Desktop Wallpaper

Wednesday, February 28 / 2007 12:53

Nightshift 2007Hyper/Bronx did this for ya! Enjoy.
1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1680 x 1055

Graphics Card Sponsor!

Tuesday, February 27 / 2007 16:11

BFGCombined Demo Compo PC's self overclocked BFG 7600GT 256MB DDR3 gfx card has been sponsored by Vega Bilgisayar.

Suprize # 2

Tuesday, February 27 / 2007 12:14

You have a chance to win a GP2X Value Pack if you come to the party! After the compos, there'll be a GP2X Value Pack lottery. We also have 2 new compos : GP2X SKIN COMPO and GP2X EXECUTABLE COMPO. Winner of SKIN COMPO will get 4gigabyte RIDATA SD Card & Card Reader, EXECUTABLE COMPO winner will get a GP2X Value Pack !!!


Tuesday, February 27 / 2007 11:19

Saturday's seminar "My own Tube" by Spaztica has been canceled!

I N V I T A T I O N !

Monday, February 26 / 2007 11:00

yes we know, we are giga late! at least we have an invitation on commodore 64 platform! Click to download it. Giga thanx to Glance posse. ( skate , endo , hydrogen )

Combined Demo Compo Award

Thursday, February 22 / 2007 14:16

Winner of this compo will get a full c64 set : Commodore 64 (bread box) + 1541 drive + cables. Sponsored by team BRONX

New more sponsors!

Thursday, February 22 / 2007 11:49

We are happy to announce that , oynasana.com and turkiyef1.com are joined our sponsor team. oynasana.com is the sponsor of Freestyle Music Compo and winner of the compo will get Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 7.1 audio card. turkiyef1.com is giving a nice web hosting service for the winner of Browser/Scripting Compo (Html/Flash).

Great Suprize!

Thursday, February 22 / 2007

tshirtSmart Business Solutions did a great favour to our visitors. When you pay 20 YTL for entrence ( this fee is only for local visitors ) You'll get your one and only Nightshift 2007 tshirt for free! Foreign visitors should pay 10 EU for the tshirt! Here you can check : front , back

New Sponsors!

Friday, January 19 / 2007

We are proud to announce that, Smart Business Solutions, GP2X Turkey and Ridata are our new sponsors. You'll have a chance to buy GP2X and Ridata products at “Nighshift GP2X Shop” with special Nightshift discounts. Also, many more suprises are on the way!

Compo Awards

Monday, January 15 / 2007

We are going to annouce the compo awards in a few days. Belive it or not, this time, we have “heavy prices” waiting for you!

More seminar

Tuesday, December 26 / 2006

Introduction to 3DMAX & 3D World!” by Hydrogen/Glance


Monday, December 25 / 2006 , 14:02

PDF version has been added!

New seminar!

Monday, December 25 / 2006 , 13:40

Seminar for da people who wants to get rid of Windows! “Forget Windows, install Linux” Click for more details.

We are online!

Monday, December 25 / 2006

Yeah! we launched the web site!
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